Scotty McCreery participated in a truncated live chat via The Boot this afternoon. He was battling a lingering cough and was clearly struggling to talk. He said it was not a cold, but a cough that he picked up when performing outside while it was cold recently. The chat with fans lasted less than 15 minutes, but the singer certainly covered a wide range of topics -- including the weirdest fan gift he's ever received.

McCreery revealed that a fan once gave him a doll. When you pressed its hand, it sang Josh Turner's 'Your Man,' which was the singer's 'American Idol' audition song. A doll that sings? Cute? Creepy? We think it's a combination of both, but also creative.

During the chat, he said that 'Water Town Town' is his favorite song on 'Clear as Day,' which drops tomorrow, since it "reminds me of my hometown and upbringing."

McCreery also revealed that history was his favorite school subject. "I am a history guy, since I like learning about our past and what made our country so great," he admitted. Hear that? Stay in school and study American history, kids!

He is beyond stoked about singing at the singing at the World Series, saying, "It's the biggest stage you can get on."

Other nuggets McCreery shared: Cap'n Crunch is his favorite cereal, and he might eventually record more Christian or gospel songs, since "it's a big part of my life and who I am." There is a Christian song, dubbed 'The Old King James,' on 'Clear as Day.'

Don't forget: 'Clear as Day' finally lands in stores tomorrow.