Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, still fall firmly in the "newlywed" category, having just only tied the knot in June 2018. However, that hasn't stopped well-meaning family members from nagging them about...well, you know what. Namely, when a new little McCreery will join the ranks!

Happily the McCreerys can now say they do have a new addition to the family. However, this baby happens to have fur and a tail, and his name is Moose.

Both Scotty and Gabi posted cute photos of their adorable new puppy, with Scotty calling him "my whole world." Meanwhile, Gabi joked, "2019 is off to a ruff start."

It's not clear what breed Moose is, but he has a sweet face, a pretty golden coat, and looks irresistibly cuddly. Fans predictably raved over the puppy in the comments, with one asking "Will he have his own Instagram?"

As for human babies, the McCreerys likely will be sticking to their guns regarding waiting a little longer. As Scotty notes, they are in "no rush," although he understands his family's eagerness to get that train out of the station. ""I am the last McCreery boy in the whole bloodline, so it didn’t take too long for all of that pressure to start," he laughs.

A new puppy is a great place to begin practicing family expansion, and of course, the McCreerys are still enjoying getting used to married life.

"2018 has been the greatest year of my life, especially because it’s the year I got to marry [Gabi],” Scotty relates to People. “She’s incredible and we make a great team, and to be able to go through life together is one of my biggest joys. She always sees the best in people so it rubs off on me when I’m having a down day. Just going home to her perks me up a little.”

Scotty wound down 2018 on the road with Jimmie Allen and Heather Morgan on his headlining Seasons Change Tour, which extends into this month. Now he not only has a wife to greet him when he returns home, but also a four-legged friend to make things even sweeter!

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