Earlier this summer, Scotty McCreery unveiled "Southern Belle," the first single from a new album, and now he has provided us with a countrified lyric video so we can sing right along with him.

McCreery takes us right into the world of a real life southern belle with this video. In between shots of a corn field and a long-legged brunette in cowgirl boots with a hunting gun, lyrics dance across the screen appearing on old-fashioned lemonade, target practice and of course, the pickup truck.

This song veers a little left for the country singer, much different than his previous work that feature more traditional sounds. This song leans toward the pop side of the spectrum and contains more adult themes than we're used to from the American Idol winner.

“This is probably about as far left as we’ll go,” McCreery told Rolling Stone Country. “When my producer [Frank Rogers] heard it, he said, ‘I think we can Scottify this.’ There was one [reference to] hell that we changed.”

This is the first single off of a forthcoming album that has yet to be announced. We don't know much about the upcoming project, but we do know that he collaborated with some of the top songwriters in Nashville and the record will give his fans a clearer picture of who he is, "an average Joe that loves to play country music and play baseball."

McCreery is currently on the road with Rascal Flatts as a part of their Riot tour through September.

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