Scotty McCreery is the main focus of his new 'The Trouble With Girls' video, but it's his hometown high school and fellow classmates that star in this just-released clip. McCreery borrowed the hallways and classrooms of Garner Magnet High School in Garner, N.C. and invited his friends to get in on the fun.

It shouldn't be surprising that a group of high school seniors could so effortlessly pull off looking like a group of high school seniors, but anyone who's ever had a role in a school play knows that acting naturally is very difficult under the bright lights. Director Roman White does a great job of recreating a genuine high school experience, down to the goofy giggling and unsophisticated flirting. The science experiments, baseball games and hallway chatter all take a backseat to the memorable moments and jokes shared between friends.

White adds an artist's brushstroke with solo McCreery shots on the baseball diamond at night and alone in the high school's hallway at dusk or dawn. These pensive moments are also part of the high school experience. Each scene feels familiar in its own way. Perhaps the one unwanted result of the new video is that it's sure to fire up the McCreery rumor mill once again. Who is that dark haired cutie he shares so many scenes with? Their chemistry certainly seems to go beyond the science lab.

Watch the Scotty McCreery 'The Trouble With Girls' Video