It doesn't get much more personal than Scotty McCreery's "This Is It." The mid-tempo love song has been released just in time for brides and grooms everywhere to select it as the soundtrack to their first dance this spring.

"This Is It" tells the story of how McCreery proposed to Gabi Dugal last September, and  spares no details. The mountain, the hike, the view, the family gathered when they returned ... it's all there in 4/4 time. Much like he did with "Five More Minutes" — his first No. 1 hit — McCreery is betting that his most personal moments will resonate.

He's probably right, as the range of emotions this song will conjure range from "meh" to OMG! It's inoffensive with a pleasing pop-country arrangement surrounding his suitable storytelling. Worth noting is McCreery's vocal dynamic. He mostly stays away from the deep tones that made him famous, instead choosing to rise with the altitude of the song's story. It's as if he's matching the nervousness that "This Is It" describes with a customized vocal range. For that reason alone, it will stand apart from his catalog. It's easy to imagine this song as a fan favorite from his Seasons Change album when it's released on March 16.

Did You Know?: McCreery wrote "This Is It" with Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis. Eshuis had just gotten married at the time, which McCreery says helped them relate to one another.

The Real Story of Scotty McCreery's "This Is It"

Scotty McCreery's "This Is It" Lyrics:

Way up in the mountains / Four thousand feet high / There's a trail through the trees to a cliff / Where Carolina meets the sky / Oh and there’s a view / I just can’t describe / No we’re not there yet, just a few more steps / Baby wait, OK / You can open your eyes.

This is it, this is now / This is what I've been talking about / Looking out, can't you see forever / You take my hand, just take it in / This is a moment we won't forget / On top of the world here together / If there ever was a time for a perfect kiss / This is it.

Girl I know that you've been waiting / And talking to your friends / Wondering if and wondering where / And wondering when / Well I've been waiting too / Holding on to this ring / For the right words to say for the right time and place / For me to get on one knee.

Now you’re walking down the aisle / And I can’t help but smile.

This is it, this is now / It’s what I’ve been talking about / Looking out I can see forever / So take my hand, just take it in / This is a moment we won’t forget / On top of the world here together / Surrounded by our family and our friends / If there was ever a time for a perfect kiss / This is it / Yeah this is it.

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