If you come from a small town, chances are you can relate to the lyrics to Scotty McCreery's new single, 'Water Tower Town.' The tune was penned by songwriters Cole Swindell, Tammi Kidd and Lynn Hutton, who each pulled from their own experiences growing up in the south for the song.

"I remember I was watching a movie with a girl I was dating at the time," Swindell tells Taste of Country, "and it had a water tower in it. She asked me if my town I grew up had a water tower like that. I remember picking up my phone -- before I even answered her -- and wrote 'Water Tower Town' in it, and I said, 'Yep!'"

"I brought it up in the writing session with Lynn and Tammi not long after that," he continues. "They're both great writers. It was the first day and the first song we wrote. We are all from small towns, so it was something that came easy for all three of us that day."

"In a water tower town /Everybody waves / Church doors are the only thing / That's open on Sundays / Word travels fast / The wheels turn slow / Yeah, workin' hard and livin' right / Is the only life we know," they wrote in the song's opening lyrics.

"We were just all talking about people we knew growing up from our towns," notes Swindell. "In my town, everybody you passed on the road, they'd wave. My granddad walked into town every day. People would be coming from behind him, and he'd wave anyway, not knowing who it was, because everyone knew everyone. He owned a convenience store that was always closed on Sunday. He'd hang a little sign that said, 'Come worship with us next door,' because the church was right there."