Tim McGraw would still be Tim McGraw even if he wasn't one of the sexiest male stars in country music. But he is, and we've been sopping him up like we're biscuit and he's gravy year after year after year. Truck yeah! Jake Owen, Brett Eldredge, Thomas Rhett ... all of these fine country gentleman are capable of touching our hearts with their music. They're also capable of melting our hearts with the right look. So who is country's sexiest male?

You'll need to scroll through this photo gallery to find out. Along the way you'll find 10 pics of stars in their red carpet, backstage and onstage best. Tight T-shirts, tighter jeans and tuxedos all cover some of the buffest, hottest hunks in country music. Sure, the songs are what's important — but that doesn't mean we're gonna turn away when Kip Moore is showing off his guns.

As always, we welcome your opinions on who should and shouldn't be included on this yearly list of the sexiest men in country music. Let us know where we went wrong in the comments section below, and if you agree, tell us! Of course we may not notice ... we're lost in Jake Owen's pearly smile.

Wowza! It's Country's Men, Shirtless!

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