Summer is just around the corner, and most of us are dreaming of beach vacations--except for Sheryl Crow, that is. Crow's latest hit, 'Easy,' sounds like a summer tune, but it's a country song all about cozying up at home with the object of your affection.

Crow starts off the music video for this rootsy, summery song about leaving Mexico behind in exchange for a weekend at home by sitting in her living room with a cup of coffee, a guitar and a songwriting pad. As if that wasn't perfect enough, she's joined by her sweet yellow dog and there's a fire burning in the background.

She starts singing 'Easy,' and in the video, she's writing down lyrics as she sings about ditching vacation plans to stay at home with her beloved boyfriend. As soon as the chorus rolls in, a handsome man walks into the living room carrying a string of lights.

It looks as if the couple is going to enjoy an afternoon in the living room, but slowly, Crow's leading man starts taking tiki decorations, a record player, white lights, a surfboard and other beach-themed items into the next room. A peak into the room reveals that he's setting up the ultimate 'staycation.'

Crow's at-home destination is complete with a hammock, trees, video of crashing waves and a gorgeous sunset and -- of course -- a little bit of sand for her toes. We're not quite ready to ditch our beach vacation yet, but the 'Easy' video makes staying at home seem pretty darn tempting.

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