Sheryl Crow's new country single 'Easy' is as advertised. It's easy to be seduced by Crow's carefree warmth and laid-back style. It's easy to overlook the effective songwriting, and it's easy to fall into her story again and again.

'Easy' isn't as catchy as some of Crow's biggest pop hits. The melody is sort of lazy, but a perfect match for her no-hurry message.

"But you make it easy, easy / Easy to get away / Sit in the sun and drink beer all day / Because it's easy, easy / Easier here anyway / Who needs Mexico / Baby let's stay home," Crow sings during each chorus.

Beginning with the second verse she really begins to tie the emotions of her stay-cation with someone sweet into the portrait she's painting with each line. "We'll play Jack Johnson, he's the new Don Ho," she says in one of the more clever quips. That precedes a bridge which works as the song's climax (pun not intended -- OK, maybe a little).

"Drink margaritas and take in the sunset / Later on we'll slip up to our king sized bed / And make love / Love sweet love," she shouts, showing off her range and vocal talents.

Aside from a few traditionally country instruments, there's little to distinguish 'Easy' as something more country than anything she's recorded in recent years. Crow has always been on that pop/folk/country edge, so 'Easy' could be an easy fit for country radio. More than anything, Crow's voice feels like summer. Her timing is perfect.

3.5 Stars

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