The Snake Oil Willie Band, founded in 1995, released a silly song and video this summer aptly called 'I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore,' featuring leggy women, beer bellies, and lots of laughter.

The band are based out of Sussex County in New Jersey, and drummer Tony Krucinski helped Snake Oil Willie get its start. Also in the band are Frank DeBonis (vocalist and bass player) and Seth Fleishman (vocalist and guitar player). They're mostly a cover band, but when they released the music video for the song, it quickly became the talk of the town -- and YouTube.

So far, the video has had over 3 million views and counting. It's not a glitzy, production-filled music video at all; it feels homegrown and authentic -- just a bunch of regular people and real-life friends at Kemah Lake sitting together and laughing about how ... they just don't look good naked anymore.

The video, which Krucinski stars in, shows him singing alongside a couple of gorgeous women (and the song is very much untrue for them). The band's friends came along for the shoot, and the lighthearted feel of the cast translated well into an addictive and highly entertaining video.

It was a team effort, Fleishman says. “I was mostly on the creative end, Frank [a professional photographer] did the videography, and Tony was the star. We all put the strength on for this project.” Their efforts paid off, brightening the day of a few million viewers.

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