Spotify has announced a change to its streaming platform that will give users access to production and songwriting credits.

Beginning on Friday (Feb. 2), Spotify users on desktop can right click on any track and select "Show Credits" to access information about songwriters and producers. The credits will also include metadata provided by the record labels, as well as the source of the credits.

A press release says it's just the first step in recognizing songwriters on Spotify, with more changes on the way to better integrate the service and provide more information.

"Songwriters are an integral force behind the music we love," says Spotify's Global Head of Songwriter Relations, Tiffany Kumar. "With the newly launched credits feature, we aim to increase songwriter and producer visibility and, in turn, foster discovery among new collaborators, industry partners, and fans."

"The more we share information, the more opportunities we can help create for songwriters," adds Spotify's ‎Director of Music Publishing Operations, Annika Goldman. "This is just the beginning of making songwriter and producer credits more easily available to Spotify listeners, and we look forward to continually improving that information, in close collaboration with our music industry partners."

The move comes as part of a gradual shift in the attitude toward the importance of recognizing and compensating songwriters in the digital space. Songwriters have long complained that badly slanted streaming royalty rates have inequitably impacted songwriters while favoring artists and labels, but in a new decision on Jan. 27, the Court Royalty Board that determines the rates songwriters are paid for streaming announced a historic rate increase of 43.8 percent as part of a series of changes designed to level the playing field for American songwriters.

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