It's been a tumultuous couple of months for Steel Magnolia. First, Joshua Scott Jones headed to rehab. Then, it was rumored that he and partner Meghan Linsey had broken up both as a couple and as a group. The duo was also dropped by its label, Big Machine. Jones recently confirmed that he and Linsey were indeed professionally entwined without commenting on their personal relationship, and now, the group has announced a handful of tour dates that are sprinkled throughout 2012.

Steel Magnolia have dates booked through the end of year. The first show is set for May 18 at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, N.Y. They also have a smattering of dates in June and July, along with some in August and through November. It's not a full blown tour, but it is a good sign that the pair is getting back into the swing of things and is ready to return to doing what they do best.

It is unclear, however, whether or not Jones and Linsey are still engaged. They had tossed around July 2012 as a possible date for their wedding, but we'll have to wait and see whether or not wedding bells ring. One thing at a time, we suppose!