Country duo Steel Magnolia are prone to performing spontaneous covers in strange places, and they get their Katy Perry on in a new homemade video that they posted on their website. The pair covers Perry's smash hit 'E.T.' with an acoustic, twangy twist.

It's not as "alien" a concept as you might think. With the surge of pop stars going country lately, it's refreshing to see a country team go pop! Steel Magnolia certainly do right by Perry's song, which has been camped out at the top of the charts for the past several weeks.

Meghan Linsey, clad in a white wife beater and a red flower tucked in her short blonde hair, stands next to Joshua Scott Jones in a tight space that sounds like an echo chamber as he strums away like he means it. Despite the challenges implicit in location's acoustics, it's a quirky cover where Jones sings the verses of the song, while Linsey kicks into high gear for the chorus and sounds so sassy yet sweet when she sings the "K-K-Kiss me" part. Steel Magnolia infuse the song with a building tension that's markedly different from the way Perry does it, but it's just as effective.

This isn't the first time the duo, who are also a couple, have gone ghetto to record. They also recently covered Adele while in a bathroom. We guess they will perform and record whenever, wherever and however the spirit moves 'em.

Watch Steel Magnolia Cover Katy Perry's 'E.T.'