Steve Holy is back with a hot new single, 'Love Don't Run,' and now he is readying the release of his first album in five years. The new collection of songs, also called 'Love Don't Run,' is set to hit stores on Tuesday, September 13.

The new album has Holy teaming up with Lee Miller, who produced the project, and showcases some of Holy's best music yet.

"I'm very proud of where Steve is as an artist,” Miller says in a press release. “He is singing better on this album than he ever has, and he stretches his boundaries this time around. I think there's a little something for everybody on this project."

The album's first release and title track, 'Love Don't Run,' is currently approaching the Top 20 on the country singles chart. The tune was penned by hit songwriters Rachel Thibodeau, Ben Glover and Joe Leathers.

“We really wanted to write a relationship song about sticking it out when times are tough," Thibodeau told Taste of Country. "[A song about] being brutally honest about how you feel and knowing that the other person will not leave, no matter how difficult times are. The three of us are all married, so we had a lot to pull from about long-term relationships.”

The video for 'Love Don't Run' was just released last week and is currently being played on both CMT and GAC.

Watch the Steve Holy 'Love Don't Run' Video

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