Steve Holy is back on the country music radar with his first single in four years, 'Love Don't Run.' The beautiful power ballad, penned by Rachel Thibodeau, Joe Leathers and Ben Glover, is making quite the impact on country radio, as well as country music fans.

"We wrote this on a songwriting trip down to Rosemary Beach," Thibodeau tells Taste of Country. "Joe has an amazing house there, and it's such a special place to get away with great friends and write songs. It's one of my favorite places to go. I have a coffee mug that I bought at shop in Rosemary Beach, and every time I make a cup of tea or coffee, it makes me think of all the special songs we've written and awesome memories we've made on our trips there."

"We really wanted to write a relationship song about sticking it out when times are tough ... being brutally honest about how you feel and knowing that the other person will not leave, no matter how difficult times are," she continues. "The three of us are all married, so we had a lot to pull from about long-term relationships."

The song is a reminder that love conquers all, and no matter what battles you face in life, love will always be there.

"'Cause love don’t run / Love don’t hide / It won’t turn away or back down from a fight / Baby I’m right here / And I ain’t goin’ anywhere / Love’s too tough / It won’t give up, no not on us / Baby, love don’t run," Holy sings in the song's chorus.

"I feel so honored and thankful that Steve recorded it and put it out as a single, and I'm thrilled that people are responding so positively to the song," Thibodeau says. "Joe, Ben and I all feel very blessed."

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