Steve Holy's video for 'Love Don't Run' is a tale of forbidden love. It's Romeo meets Juliet ... If Romeo actually worked for Juliet's family and didn't ended up killing himself in the end. It appears the clip is going to be the most somber three minutes ever offered to country music video channels until the very end when ... Well, watch yourself to see who steps in.

Holy sings from the courtyard of an early 19th century American mansion, and the costuming and ambiance in the video are superb. The action occurs on the other side of the failing stone wall. A young girl is dining with her parents on the veranda when she catches the eye of a teenage servant. This is clearly unacceptable, but it's too late. Father and mother struggle to keep the young lovers apart, only to find them sneaking away time and time again.

The video is a unique interpretation of a song that talks about battling through the difficult times with a lover. “We really wanted to write a relationship song about sticking it out when times are tough … being brutally honest about how you feel and knowing that the other person will not leave, no matter how difficult times are," songwriter Rachel Thibodeau tells Taste of Country.

'Love Don't Run' is the title-track of Holy's new album, available this September. It's his first studio album since 'Brand New Girlfriend' in 2006.

Watch Steve Holy's 'Love Don't Run' Video

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