Steve Holy finds that thin line between sexy and dirty and stays on the safe side during his new song 'Until the Rain Stops.' The catchy single works its way along a groove like dancing fingertips over a lover's blue jeans, but ends before things get too steamy. As winter rolls in and couples begin to hibernate, this is the perfect soundtrack to a night of red wine and no cell phones.

"Nothing like a little thunder, telling us good morning / Don't you just love that tin roof when it's storming / Makes me wanna lay here and just do whatever / Pull up the covers and hang out under the weather / It's cat and doggin', something crazy / Girl we oughta just keep it lazy," Holy sings. "Cat and doggin'" might be one of the best lyrics of 2011.

"I don't really care if the sun don't shine / It's a little more time for us to have / From the outside world, you and me girl / We've got all we need, tangled up in sheets / So, why not stay in the same spot / Until the rain stops," he adds during the chorus.

Holy doesn't have a bedroom voice like Chris Young or James Otto, but he wisely stays away from pouring on the sexy in a way that would sound unnatural or cheesy. 'Until the Rain Stops' shouldn't have trouble becoming his biggest hit since 'Brand New Girlfriend.'

4 Stars

Listen to Steve Holy, 'Until the Rain Stops'

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