Steve Holy states right up front that listening to his new song 'Love Don't Run' is going to hurt like hell. That is, if you're not ready for some important truths about love.

The earnest, piano heavy song doggedly builds momentum both musically and lyrically as it unfolds in just under four minutes. Holy sings passionately about the scary challenges romance faces as dramatic drum fills and crying guitars surround him.

But he's equally clear that the object of his affections has nothing to fear. Why?

"Cause love don't run / Love don't hide / It won't turn away or back down from a fight / Baby I'm right here / And I ain't goin' anywhere / Love's too tough / It won't give up, no not on us / Baby, love don't run."

'Love Don't Run' is expected to be included on Holy's upcoming third studio album, the long-awaited follow up to 2006's 'Brand New Girlfriend,' which spawned a No. 1 single with its title track.

No title or release date for the new album has been announced yet.

Listen to Steve Holy, 'Love Don't Run'

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