Instead of shedding more tears to honor the passing of Earl Scruggs, Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton led a celebration of the bluegrass legend's life during Sunday night's ACM Awards in Las Vegas. After the crowd stood to applaud Scruggs, McEntire introduced Rascal Flatts and comedian turned banjo player Steve Martin to sing 'Banjo.'

The trio once again had to overcome sound issues during a nationally televised award show, but after a few seconds of struggling to hear Gary LeVox sing, fans could fall right into the jam with his bandmates. Martin mostly stayed in one place, happy to be picking along with the famous group from Nashville. Audience members like Taylor Swift couldn't help but dance along.

When it came time for the song's solo, it wasn't Martin who was featured however. Instead Flatts' regular banjo player got the camera time, as the comic stood in back with his hands on his hips. It was a curious way to bring in a star for a cameo. If he hadn't been introduced or if cameras hadn't spent so much time following him, fans could have missed his participation.

'Banjo' is the lead single of Rascal Flatts' new studio album 'Changed,' which hits stores on Tuesday. Martin is not featured on the recorded version of the song.

Watch Rascal Flatts Perform 'Banjo' at the 2012 ACM Awards

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