Got $1? That will score you a backstage massage when a popular country trio is in town. Got a dog? Don't dare to bring it backstage, or another superstar act will send you home without singing a single song. An artist's tour rider is a literal and figurative grocery list of items he or she needs before, during and after each show. Often times, these needs are very, very specific… and a little strange.

Many country stars practically live on a bus, and can't really travel to Walmart to do their own shopping. That's why they depend on staff at the venue to cater to specific needs. Sure, there are meal requests -- and it's not too much to ask for a clean dressing room with clean hand towels. But one artist expects clean underwear to be ready for him when he arrives. He even specifies a brand! Click through to read all of the strange tour rider requests, as found at the Smoking Gun.

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