Three-year-old Sugarland fan Maggie Mullin is home now, five days after sustaining a potentially fatal arm injury when the rigging at the Indiana State Fair collapsed around her. Immediately after the incident, her mother Laura Magdziarz was on the ground nearby, helpless with a broken leg. She could only watch as almost a dozen people navigated a puzzle of wires and scaffolding to get her daughter emergency care. Her trust was rewarded.

The Indianapolis Star talked to at least seven people who played an important role in getting Mullin to the hospital. Together they pieced together a story exemplifying human nature at its finest. One woman -- a nursing student named Debbie Evans -- couldn't leave Mullin's hospital room until early the next morning. The little girl needed Evans until her mother arrived.

Registered nurse Natalie Prater was first to recognize Mullin's arm injury. She knew she needed to stop the bleeding and begged anyone listening for a tourniquet. David Wood jumped in to help, eventually taking off his T-shirt to serve the purpose.

Dr. Robert Klinestiver was standing next to Mullin before the stage collapsed. The Indianapolis Star reports that he was worried she'd severed a major artery when he began giving her care. Fortunately that wasn't the case, but he says she may have been in shock. Prater told Magdziarz to trust her and scooped the 3-year-old in her arms to begin what would become an assembly line style, human transport system involving perhaps half a dozen police officers, medical personnel and non-trained fans who just wanted to help.

Details are foggy, but State Trooper Christopher Lockman knows he brought Mullin out of the wreckage to the state fair's medical center. That's when Evans steps in. Along with a few others, she did what she could to calm and treat the girl. Evans even rode in the ambulance with her to the hospital. It's going to be a long recovery process for mother and daughter, and Magdziarz says she hopes one day she gets a chance to personally thank everyone who helped her daughter last weekend.

Mullin's tutu was cut to treat a leg injury, but friends and supporters have brought her two more since Saturday night. The Star reports that her room was full of flowers and cards, including a balloon bouquet from Sugarland.