While it's possible that Sugarland's tour manager resisted delaying the start of the tragic Indiana State Fair show on the band's behalf last August, the conversation was never relayed to Jennifer Nettles. That's the crux of a partial transcript of Nettles's deposition obtained by the Indianapolis Star.

Nettles claims she was never asked to delay the show and never resisted because she'd already warmed up or because the band had a long drive to their next show in Iowa. Furthermore, she wasn't even aware of the severity of the weather situation.

Nettles' full testimony -- as well as the testimony of her bandmate Kristian Bush -- have not yet been made available publicly. However, an attorney for many of the victims in a lawsuit against the band, the State Fair and the company responsible for the stage quickly spoke out against what the singer said.

"It seems their testimony defies reality and is inconsistent with the version of events that we have from several other witnesses," Kenneth J. Allen told the Indy Star, going on to explain that the band surely knew of the eight-and-a-half-hour bus ride ahead of them, and the fact that they didn't get paid the $300k they were owed unless they performed.

It's not clear whose responsibility it was to delay the show, but Nettles said she didn't think it was hers. "I don't feel it's my responsibility or my management's responsibility to evacuate the fans in the case of danger," she said. "Do I care about their safety? Absolutely."

Unfortunately, the matter seems a long way from being resolved. A trial isn't expected to begin until 2013 or 2014.

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