When Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush saw the rigging of the giant stage at the Indiana State Fair come crashing tragically around them last summer, they likely felt thankful to be alive first, and second, a horrible grief at the whole situation. What they couldn't possibly have anticipated in that moment was the onslaught of court cases and finger pointing and legalities that would inevitably ensue.

Since that August 13 tragedy, Sugarland have been embroiled in multiple court cases all aiming to figure out exactly where the lines of blame fall in this situation. And while it sounds cruel to lay the blame on someone for an accident that killed seven and injured nearly 60, decisions have to be made about whose insurance pays the victims families and the hospital bills of the injured victims. For this reason, attorneys for the company that owned the stage have asked Nettles and Bush to appear in court next week to give depositions about the incident.

According to court documents Mid America Sound Corp. filed last week, all defendants in the case other than Sugarland and their ownership (Lucky Star, Inc.) have agreed to appear in court and give depositions next week. The band's attorneys have maintained that the duo won't be available, and since they haven't proposed any alternative dates, a Marion Superior Court judge has scheduled a hearing for this Friday to determine whether or not to grant Mid America's proposal for a court order requiring Sugarland and someone from Lucky Star to give depositions next week, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The reason Sugarland are even in question in this case is because of a recent investigation from the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration and State Fair Executive Director Cindy Hoye that claimed the band was twice asked to postpone the show and twice refused. Additionally, the band's contract implied that they had "sole and exclusive authority to cancel the concert due to inclement weather."

Sugarland will have to wait for the hearing this week to determine whether or not they will be forced to appear in court next week.

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