Look out, ladies and gentleman! Like many before her, 'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale is moseying her way onto the country music scene, and she's coming armed with a great singing voice and the support of Sugarland's Kristian Bush.

This news might come as a surprise for fans of the hit teen drama, since Hale plays the part of a trendy former punk princess. But when she's off camera, it sounds like this girl is ready to go all country.

"We have a week off from ['Pretty Little Liars'] and I'm flying to Atlanta to write with Kristian Bush from Sugarland," Hale revealed told MTV News in a recent interview. "They're the biggest country band out there and I don't even know how I got that. I don't even know! I got an email about it and it was obviously a no-brainer."

Knowing she has to make a lasting impression, Hale won't be holding anything back on her debut album. In addition to working with one half of the Grammy Award-winning duo, the sultry brunette is hoping to team up with a few of the producers who worked with Adele on her mega-hit record.

"I think I'm working with some people who have worked with Adele, which is really cool, although she's not country. It's sort of a lot of writers and producers who don't do a lot of country, so it's going to be a good mixture," she said. The television star also plans to have support from several music veterans who will help her navigate the country scene.

She adds, "It's going to be interesting, in a good way!"

Working with the popular actress won't be Bush's first foray into helping a country music hopeful rise to success. In May, Sugarland performed 'Baby Girl' onstage with Alana Springsteen, an 11-year-old aspiring singer. Bush has worked closely with the young girl, helping her pen new songs, and working to land her a country music record deal.

So far there's no news about when Hale expects to release her debut record, but with the help of Kristian Bush, we're confident that it will be a success.

Watch Lucy Hale Talk About Writing Country Songs With Kristian Bush