The new live video for 'Run' -- a collaboration between Sugarland and pop singer Matt Nathanson -- has landed. Nathanson penned the song with the duo, and the tune appears on Nathanson's 'Modern Love.' Sugarland's always expressive Jennifer Nettles and Nathanson have such a good time in this clip, and there's an easy, relaxed physical chemistry as they perform the song while grooving together. We're actually apt to think that another writing session will take place down the road. 'Run' is such a great song that there has to be more where that came from.

The video is essentially a live performance, without much action going on other than Nettles and Nathanson singing to one another and smiling a whole bunch while they get down. The clip doesn't need any extraneous bells and whistles since it harnesses the energy of a Sugarland show, albeit it with a special guest.

You'll feel like you are front row at the show, taking it all in inches from your face.

Sugarland and Nathanson also performed the song at the 2011 CMAs as well as on the Incredible Machine Tour, so if you missed any of those instances and occurrences, you can make up for it by enjoying the  newvideo.

Watch the Sugarland and Matt Nathanson 'Run' Video