'Stay' was the fourth and final single from Sugarland's 2006 album 'Enjoy the Ride,' but it made the biggest splash when it landed on the airwaves in 2007. 'Stay' was the first song to be written solely by the duo's vocalist Jennifer Nettles, and it was the first Sugarland single to go platinum. The song took home the Song of the Year award at the 2008 CMAs and two Grammys -- Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Country Song -- in 2009.

'Stay' is an emotional and empowering song that takes the perspective of the 'other woman,' a point of view not often portrayed in music. The mistress expresses her feelings about the emotional rollercoaster she endures every time the cheating man comes around and then leaves again, heading home to his wife. Through most of the the song, the narrator is desperate, lonely, and wearing her heart on her sleeve in order to keep the man close.

The music video for 'Stay' is simple but carries a lot of weight. It opens with Nettles at the front of the screen, while Kristian Bush sits nearby playing the guitar. As the song progresses, Nettles grows more and more emotional, and by the end there are real tears streaming down her face as she breaks down while singing about a painful relationship with the man whose heart lies elsewhere. 'Stay' climaxes when the mistress changes her tune and releases herself from his grip -- telling the man to stick with his wife because he doesn't deserve her.

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