The stars of Super Troopers 2 took something very near and dear to Willie Nelson, and they wouldn't give it back to him until he helped them promote the new film.

No, they didn't take a beloved pet, a family member or even his guitar, Trigger. They nabbed his beautiful blue bong in a new tongue-in-cheek clip they filmed to promote the new movie, which was released on Friday, 4/20.

Nelson is hilarious in the spot, in which the Super Troopers stand over his shoulder as he reads from a prepared script, encouraging viewers to "get off your stoned a-- this 4/20, go to the theater and see Super Troopers 2."

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After the country legend and noted marijuana enthusiast finishes, he looks up and says, "There, I did it. Now give me my damn bong back!"

But they're not done. The stars of Super Troopers 2 insist that he say one more line, or they'll break the beloved bong. Reluctantly, Nelson does return to the script to deliver one more hilarious line,  which we'll just let you experience for yourself in the video above. But not before he has a few choice words for them, not entirely under his breath, which is just one part of why you really don't want to play this video at work!

Super Troopers 2 is in theaters now, while Nelson continues to perform all over the country. He will spend much of the summer on tour with Alison Krauss on a string of co-headlining dates.

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