The Swon Brothers' set at 2015 WE Fest was all about the ladies, so it's fitting that the new song they revealed was about a girl, too.

Zach and Colton Swon warmed up the hungover Detroit Lakes, Minn., crowd and from the very first note. The WE Fest concert bowl was packed for their 2:45PM set, and when the brothers appeared, fans got on their feet and began cheering without any hesitation. Two talented brothers and a massive group of excited country fans make for a fantastic start to a show.

"95" was a rollicking good time: "Tan legs sticking to the seat, the AC's broken, broken / Dash too hot for your feet and girl it's smoking, smoking" they sang as the crowd screamed. The summertime anthem was just the beginning. "Y'all ready to have a good time with us?" yelled Colton as the song ended with an intense "1-2-3-4" bang.

One of the best things about the Swon Brothers is their friendly, but competitive relationship. They constantly bicker and tease one another onstage, but it's all done in brotherly love ... right? "I gotta ask a question," Zach said. "It's crucial for our relationship as brothers to know where you stand." He proceeded to ask the ladies who they would choose: Colton or him. The 30-year-old admitted his younger brother sure gets a lot of screams, but that they often come from the "young girls" and asked, "Do you mature women want a boy, or do you ladies want a man?"

They launched into "Pretty Beautiful" which had all females — young and old — singing along. Anyone who has heard the Swon Brothers knows their impeccable vocals shine on harmonies, and "Pretty Beautiful," with its falsetto-high notes, showed them off.

After "Pray for You," which the brothers dedicated to military, they made a small announcement: the duo are working on a new record! They're currently writing up a storm and trying to decide on songs.

With that, they launched into "Just Another Girl," and told fans if they liked it, to use the hastag #JustAnotherGirl to let them know if they approved. "She ain't another set of blue eyes / She ain't just another pretty smile / She ain't just another drunk dial / She ain't just another girl."

It was clear throughout the show that the Swons were having as much fun as fans, from "Songs That Said It All" to a jazzy cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Uptown Funk," during which Zach got to show off his drum skills.

"My Girl," "Life in the Fast Lane" and other Swon Brothers hits were on full display and the third place winners of The Voice even threw out prizes to fans. What made their performance even more special was the fact that Blake Shelton, their coach on The Voice is headlining 2015 WEFest the same evening, and the two brothers have come such a long way since their 2013 audition.

For final songs "Listen to the Music" and "Later On," fans rushed to the stage to dance and take selfies. The Muskogee, Okla., brothers soaked up the applause with pride on their faces. Oklahoma has yet another country act to be proud of.

Tickets to WE Fest 2016 are already on sale right here.

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