Austin Webb

Austin Webb, 'Raise 'Em Up' Lyric Video
Country newcomer Austin Webb has a whole lot of fun singing his song 'Raise 'Em Up' at concerts. The fans love dancing along to his catchy new single and the lyric video captures the high-energy vibe of his live show, while giving a brief peek at life on a tour bus.
Charlie Worsham vs. Austin Webb – The Showdown
Newcomer Charlie Worsham stood up to country legend Toby Keith over the weekend, and the 'Want Me Too' singer walked away with a narrow upset. The mid-tempo love song took 54 percent of the vote, meaning it moves on to a second round, this time against a track by another hungry newbie.
Austin Webb, 'Slip on By' Behind-the-Scenes Video
Austin Webb's single 'Slip on By' is getting an emotional reaction from fans at his live shows. The video doesn't let up one bit. In this exclusive premiere of the behind-the-scenes clip, the singer shares what he first loved about the song, as well as the treatment for the music…
Austin Webb, 'Slip on By' - Song Review
Austin Webb's soulful new ballad 'Slip on By' will catch you off guard if you let it, and that's not such a bad idea. Webb sings a familiar, but not overdone, lesson about appreciating every moment we have on this Earth.

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