Jeff Bates

No. 73: Jeff Bates, ‘Long, Slow Kisses’ – Top 100 Country Love Songs
What's the next best thing to hearing Conway Twitty sing his classic love songs? Jeff Bates belting out romantic tunes. Bates' 'Long, Slow Kisses' was a no-brainer when this Top 100 Country Love Songs list was compiled. The song's sexy lyrics -- penned by Ben Hayslip, Gordon Bradberry and Bates -- will put any couple in the mood to rediscover their love for one another, if you catch our drift. Rea
Jeff Bates – Country Stars Who Have Fought Addiction
Jeff Bates is as open and honest about his addiction to methamphetamines as anyone has ever been about a drug problem. The singer was a user when he moved to Nashville, and almost had a record deal when he got arrested for stealing. “There were bad things, including divorces, that had gone on in my life,” Bates tells “With that ...
Jeff Bates, ‘One Day Closer’ – Song Spotlight
Jeff Bates rings in the new year with 'One Day Closer,' the title track and first single from his upcoming album of inspirational country songs. Chiming guitars and gentle piano gently unfold behind Bates' trademark deep baritone as he questions pretty much everything, while remaining confident that all his answers will be waiting for him in heaven.