Kid Rock

Kid Rock started out in the Detroit scene as a deejay, and used that to launch a recording career as a hardcore rapper. Over the course of 25 years and many albums and tours, he has become a mainstream success, eventually selling 13 million copies of his 1998 album, 'Devil Without a Cause.' His influences include classic rock and country, and beginning with his album 'Cocky' in 2001, he has moved his sound more in those directions. He scored a big hit with "Picture," a country ballad he recorded as a duet with longtime friend Sheryl Crow, and he's also hit with "All Summer Long," which borrows extensively from classic rock. Kid Rock is slated to headline at the Taste of Country Music Festival, WE Fest and Country on the River in the summer of 2016, and he'll also join Jason Aldean at his show in Boston in September.

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