Is it possible to see an actual celebrity at the popular celebrity-owned bars in Nashville?

You might wait in lines for hours just to get inside and listen to bands playing the same popular cover songs for hours and eat bar food. So why do some people do this thinking they might see someone like Morgan Wallen walk in the door? Well, because some lucky people actually have.

One of the draws of country music is that the country stars seem down to earth like someone you could actually drink a beer with, and some famous A-listers have proven just that they are just that.

We can't have this conversation without starting with the most newsworthy arrest on those busy Broadway streets involving Morgan Wallen throwing a chair off the roof of Chief's (Eric Church's bar) in downtown Nashville. Even though it technically wasn't his bar, many are waiting on him to show up and get rowdy at his own bar considering the "Man Made a Bar" singer was also arrested at Kid Rock's bar in 2020 for disorderly conduct.

So which bars have a track record for celebrity sighting? Let's take a look at some country music stars who have spent some time with fans at their own bars or their famous friend's bars.

Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa

Most recently, Miranda Lambert surprised her fans with a hang at her Tex-Mex bar, Casa Rosa.

The video shows the "Drunk" singer raising cheers, taking pics, and dancing with her fans. This kind of stuff is what keeps those streets crowded and bringing in so much revenue. The vid posted on May 8 received over 200 comments including this one below from an excited fan expressing what many feel watching this surprise. "Would have died if it happened when I was there... Had a great time in Casa Rosa by the way 🙌🏼"

That's wild but this is even more surprising. Fans were ecstatic when Jon Pardi showed up at Miranda's bar and spun Miranda around on the dance floor. Watch the epic performance below.

Luke Bryan's Luke's 32 Bridge

Luke Bryan showed up at his famous honky tonk, Luke's 32 Bridge, with a surprise appearance that he documented on his socials as well.

The caption sums it up perfectly: "When you decide to crash the party at your own bar."

"You are the Man Luke! Someday soon I’ll be there at the Bridge!" commented one fan.

Blake Shelton's Ole Red

Blake Shelton even sang his "Ole Red" song at his bar named after the hit with a concert at the popular venue/bar.

Blake and Gwen Stefani have both made surprise appearances at multiple locations including the Ole Red in BNA and Vegas.

Eric Church's Chief's

Eric Church surprised everyone in town when he announced a 19 show residency at his bar, Chief's. He hyped the show with, "These shows at Chief’s will be one of a kind, only for Chief’s and with some songs that will only ever be performed during these shows,"

Here's a clip of him performing one of his hits, "Sinners like Me" at Chief's.

Kid Rock's Big Honkytonk

One of the first artist bars to explode in Nashville was Kid Rock's bar called Kid Rock's Big Honkytonk. He has shown up and crashed his own party multiple times, and has even brought along political commentator Tucker Carlson.

Tanya Tucker's Tequila Cantina

The '90s country star marked opening day with a horse ride down Broadway, grabbing lots of attention. Watch the incredible moment below.

Apparently this is her actual horse and she explains more about her cute friend,  “Cosa Salvaje I call him, that’s his stage name. Really his name is Lauw, but I call him Cosa Salvaje because he is the face of my tequila. Kind of like a mascot, so to speak.”

Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar

Luke Bryan and Kane brown famously pulled the fire alarm at Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in Nashville.

The epic prank was documented below on socials.

The fire alarm didn't shut the bar down, but it did cause some of the tourists to have a good laugh and gave them s fun story to take back home.

Another fun surprise was when Jelly Roll took over the stage at Aldean's bar.

Jason Aldean's bar has multiple locations including a recent opening in Gatlinburg. He surprised everyone on grand opening day by showing up AND giving a surprise performance.

John Rich's Redneck Rivera bar

John Rich has shown up multiple times at his famous bar downtown. The video shows him performing his song "Progress" on the stage at Redneck Riviera. He is known to show up quite often and also hold fundraisers at his famous joint.

Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk

 Garth Brooks' famously live-streamed his performance at his bar Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk's grand opening. Die-hard fans enjoyed many hits, including “The Thunder Rolls” and “Callin’ Baton Rouge.” And, the star was accompanied by another familiar face, Ronnie Dunn, for a performance of “Rodeo Man,” Brooks’ new single.

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