Suntans, bonfires, party barges and long lazy nights under the stars ... these are some of the best parts of summer that in just a few short weeks will be long forgotten. Country's biggest stars have a song for every summer memory you could have made in 2013. Now, it's time to reflect on the summer that was in our annual Best of Summer readers poll. 

What song were you thankful to have stuck in your head this summer? Which tour left an impression on you that you'll never forget? Below, you'll also find options for the best summer discovery (new artist) and the OMG moment of the summer. More than a few singers showed off a hot beach bod, so you can spend a few seconds (or minutes) eying those options before deciding who rocked it best...

Vote for artists like Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert up to once every hour until the Best of Summer 2013 poll closes at 11:59PM ET on Aug. 24. By then, your tan will have begun its yearly fade, and memories of warm weather will begin to replace the real thing.

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