When you think 'Duck Dynasty,' you think long beards, deep Southern drawls and ... ducks. You probably don't think high fashion, but two Robertson family members are out to change those perceptions (well, some of them anyway).

Korie Robertson and foster daughter Rebecca Robertson are trying to make their names known in the fashion industry. These two ladies from the famous Louisiana family recently opened a Monroe, La. clothing store called Duck and Dressing, and because the physical store was getting so much business from fans, they decided to open an online store, as well.

The women both share a love for fashion and are hardly amateurs. Rebecca was able to pursue her fashion dreams when she studied at LSU and then interned in Los Angeles. With a successful show on A&E, the pair decided it was the perfect time to share their talents with the world. The women chatted with Taste of Country about everything fashion for this week's brand new -- and a little different -- edition of Taste of Style.

Jessi Arnold photography / Honest Photography / Steven Palowsky
Jessi Arnold photography / Honest Photography / Steven Palowsky

Duck and Dressing

Korie and Rebecca's fashionable clothing store, Duck and Dressing, is located in their hometown of Monroe, La. Both women admit that opening a retail store has always been a dream of theirs.

“It’s actually something that I had talked about for a long time," Korie explains to Taste of Country, adding that she loves to shop. "Of course, you know, it’s a big undertaking and so I never knew when, or if I’d ever be able to do it. Then Rebecca got really into fashion, decided to do Fashion Design at LSU and went out to L.A. for a couple of years and did a internship out there and then actually worked out there for a year."

Then, like many college kids, Rebecca got homesick. "[She] called one day and was like ‘I think I’m ready to come home’ and I said ‘I’m ready for you to come home so come on, we’ll open a store together' and so we did and it’s been so much fun to do together. Rebecca’s done all the design, she works late hours. She’s done an incredible job. I’m so proud of her and it’s been really fun to do together."

But the designs are not necessarily what you would expect from a clothing store in the bayou. Thank Rebecca's extensive travels for that.

“I think Rebecca did a good job of taking kind of that experience out in L.A. and bringing it back and making it have a southern feel to it as well," Korie says, adding that they both have similar taste in clothes. “She tends to like a lot of neutrals and things with a little edge to ‘em, I do as well, so we try to carry a lot of things that we love. I would say it’s kind of like an extended version of our closets.”

The mom and daughter work together on the store, but Rebecca is the head of Duck and Dressing, Korie admits.

“Rebecca is in there until about midnight every night. She’s really doing the work of it. I pop in about once a week and actually come in and shop,” she says, laughing. “I do pop in, and of course we talk a lot about how to grow it and how to get the word there ... it’s important for us to get the word out there we are a true fashion destination and the website is going great.”

Jessi Arnold photography / Honest Photography / Steven Palowsky
Jessi Arnold photography / Honest Photography / Steven Palowsky

Hometown Roots

Opening a store in their hometown was important to Korie and Rebecca for a number of reasons. They carry fashionable Monroe T-shirts, as well as accessories with the city's coordinates on them. The hometown line is doing so well, they're having a hard time keeping them in stock!

"You know, we can not keep the West Monroe shirts in," Korie, wife of Willie Robertson, says. "It’s something that Rebecca has designed herself and took pictures around town with a friend and they came out really good. We’re really proud of ‘em and I mean they do, they fly off the shelves. Of course we have a lot of fans that come into our stores as well from out of state, all over the country come down to West Monroe to visit the Duck Commander warehouse, and of course they make a stop by Duck and Dressing. It’s something fun. A little souvenir piece that’s really cool and fashionable that they can take away.”

Korie says it was important for them to open Duck and Dressing in their hometown to help with the "West Monroe revival" as she calls it.

Jessi Arnold photography / Honest Photography / Steven Palowsky
Jessi Arnold photography / Honest Photography / Steven Palowsky

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

If you've ever watched 'Duck Dynasty,' you may have noticed Korie's fashion has changed over the years. That's because, at first, she was asked to wear bright colors (something she calls "horrible") to contrast the men of the show, who prefer camouflage. Now, she's allowed to be a little more herself, which means “really clean, simple shapes."

"Skinny jeans and kind of just like a little cute simple top," Rebecca says, describing her perfect summer outfit to help beat the Louisiana heat. "And I love to tuck my shirt in and that can transform like day to night."

Rebecca also let us in on one of her biggest style obsessions: Boots! “I wear boots all year long,” she reveals, adding that socks are optional. An added bonus to wearing boots? Not worrying about your toenail polish.

So who do the Robertson women pick as the best dressed in country music? "I actually like Carrie Underwood because … she’s just young and fun," Rebecca says.

Korie agrees, but adds another name. “I would say as far as fashion inspiration, I love Little Big Town…they are tough and cool, a little edgy and I would say classic, as well."

Fans aren't always sure what to expect from their store. Many ask about camouflage via their social medias -- that's something Rebecca says they "struggle with every day."

"It surprised us whenever we very first first started the show how much our show really did influence fashion," Korie says. "It was popping up everywhere, you know, ‘camo is the new black’ was in Style magazine with Phil and Si."

Of course, their camo is "fashionable" and "not something you wear to the woods."

“It’s not just another duck commander souvenir type store, this is a true fashion destination and I think as people see it they will fall in love with it," the ladies dish.

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