Style is in the eye of the beholder ... or something like that. One thing is certain is that country newcomer RaeLynn's eye is very unique. The 20-year-old pairs feminine with flirty while adding an edge that makes us thankful -- wait for it -- that 'God Made Girls.'

Whether she's at an awards show, posing for selfies on Instagram or just rockin' a radio tour, this Texas-raised firecracker's style is sweet and fierce. She sports a lot (and we mean a lot) of skirts that she calls "cupcake style." Most are floral prints (with floral accessories), and she usually adds some killer cowgirl boots. No, RaeLynn's not afraid to play with her style, and we love her for it.

The 'God Made Girls' hitmaker took a break from her busy radio tour to chat with us about her favorite fashions. See her photo highlights in this week’s brand spankin' new Taste of Style.

51st Annual ASCAP Country Music Awards:

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

The one-time 'The Voice' contestant laughs as she explains her style as "fun, different, vibrant -- out of control, maybe?” RaeLynn does have a few signature styles -- "It’s definitely feminine / edgy, you know. I love girlie skirts. I love really busy prints. I like strapless stuff. I like the whole cupcake outfit -- cupcake style," she says.

The songstress also finds a lot of style inspiration from other artists, some of whom may surprise you.

“I love Miranda’s style, of course. She's such an edgy person. In general, I love Betsey Johnson, I think she’s an amazing designer. I think she’s so funky. I love Katy Perry’s style, for sure," RaeLynn dishes. "I think she has an amazing style."

“I love Dolly’s outfits -- rhinestones," she adds, throwing a curveball. "Those are probably my style icons."
Yet, she still comes back to the pop princess when considering who influences her the most. "My biggest style inspiration of all time is probably Katy Perry. She can rock any look and I love that about her. You never know what you’re going to get. You might get an outfit with lights, you know, you never know."

Academy of Country Music Awards 2013:

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Even before RaeLynn had a stylist or a debut single, she had some fabulous taste. The singer showed up at the awards show after dressing herself and instantly had a fashion fan. Ani and Ari, Nashville corset designers, fell in love with how RaeLynn paired her very girly dress with cowboy boots. It was a match made in fashion heaven.

“I met them at the ACMs 2013 -- that picture," she says pointing, at the above photo, "and they saw me in that outfit and they loved my style, and they were like, ‘We’d really love to work with you.’ I didn’t really know them very much, but I thought they were really sweet and I came and met them and ever since then it’s been history and we’ve worked together ever since. I mean, every event I have, I use them. They’re amazing."

The sisters own a clothing store in Nashville that specializes in unique corsets. They have a big country clientele including Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies. They also work with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere from ABC's 'Nashville.'

This fun, sparkly dress was given to RaeLynn by Sandi Borchetta, who also dabbles in fashion when not assuming her role as vice president of Big Machine Label Group. "I loved it 'cause of how girlie it was and I loved the see-through part in it," RaeLynn says. As for the boots? She found them in Vegas (fitting, isnt' it?).

"It's one of my favorite outfits I've worn so far."

Academy of Country Music Awards 2014:

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

RaeLynn paired up with Ani and Ari for this year's ACM Awards, as well. They added a pair of fabulous Aldo studded shoes and pink lipstick for a splash of color. Girl is lookin' good!

"I told them I wanted to look like the black swan of country music, and they made it happen," RaeLynn shares. "It's very edgy. Someone told me I look like Cyndi Lauper's stepchild and I was all about that."

As for the pink lipstick, that came through her endorsement from MAC Cosmetics. “They send me all kinds of free stuff and I love it," she says. "I love their lipsticks! I’m obsessed with bright lipsticks. I want a really awesome lipstick case where I can have them all organized."

"I'm all about makeup," she adds, to no one's surprise.

Radio Tour 2014:

The Valory Music Co

Before embarking on a very long radio tour, RaeLynn had to really think about her fashion choices. So she relied on Ani and Ari and, of course, a great pair of boots.

“I’ve worn the same boots throughout the whole radio tour — they match all my outfits," the singer says. “We wanted it to be easy because it’s hard with traveling ... figuring out what to wear Monday through Friday [is hard]. I had to pack for three weeks one time. I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to wear for three weeks on radio tour.’ So what we did is I talked to Ani and Ari and they made me five really cute flower skirts and five solid corsets and I just interchanged them throughout all of radio tour."

The outfit pictured here is a red slip top from Free People, which RaeLynn says is another one of her favorite stores, with a pair of lace shorts underneath. The lace boy shorts are one of her top trends right now, and she's never scared to rock 'em beneath her favorite Free People slips.

The Valory Music Co.

RaeLynn's love of cupcake skirts reigned supreme as the singer wore a yummy baby blue one from Nordstrom while on the road (also note her floral Dr. Martens). Nordstrom is another fashion go-to for her.

"I love their MinkPink line, it's so cute," she spills. "I got that corset -- that's definitely an Ari and Ari corset and Dr. Martens gave me those boots that day."

It's easy to see boots are a big staple for the 'God Made Girls' star's wardrobe -- she loves just about any style of boots.

“I love cowboy boots. I love combat boots -- Dr Martens. I just love boots in general," RaeLynn says. "I wear boots 24/7. If you follow me on Instagram you know I hate sandals. I hate all that stuff.”

The Valory Music Co.

Ani and Ari came to the rescue again for RaeLynn while she was out on tour. They designed this vibrant blue skirt for the singer, who paired it with a crop top from Urban Outfitters.

"I love crop tops with high waisted skirts. I think those are super cute," she says. It's not just the outfit that gets attention, though -- Rae's long, rosary-style necklace is her best fashion accessory (yes, even better than those great Corral cowboy boots!).

"Farrah B. makes all these necklaces for me ... she only makes rosaries. They're all really edgy -- that's a real knife," she says of the necklace she's wearing (yes y'all, it was really a real knife!). "She's really cool."

 2013 CMT Music Awards:

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

When RaeLynn is in Music City, she visits her favorite places to keep her look fresh and updated (and of course, feminine). "I love Ani and Ari, of course, because they’re amazing. I also really like Posh, I’ve only seen those around Nashville," she says. "There’s a place in Green Hills called Hemline that I like. It’s kind of a boutique style. Those are probably my favorites."

RaeLynn gets that lots of young fans want to be just like her, and she wants them to know that they shouldn't be afraid to play with their style -- especially the flattering style she sports.

“One thing I love about the way I dress is any girl could wear it. Any girl could wear a skirt and a really cute top and some long necklaces," she says. "I think it’s such a cool style and I love seeing girls dress like me when I go to a meet and greet."