'X Factor' winner Tate Stevens is off and running with his self-titled debut album, and the 38-year-old country singer should be proud of his big debut on Billboard Top Country Chart.

His first-ever release is currently sitting at No. 4 on the chart. The Season 2 reality show winner and 'Power of a Love Song' hitmaker shows off his beautiful vocal range on the 11-track album, along with three songs he co-wrote, displaying his songwriting abilities on his decidedly country album, which was produced by Blake Chancie.

“I am so proud of this album and so excited that music fans have chosen to spend their hard-earned money to buy it,” Stevens says. “It has been my lifelong goal to record an album that people would enjoy, and to see it debut at No. 4 is truly a dream come true. I am a blessed man and so thankful for all my fans.”

He's seen lots of big things happen since winning 'X Factor,' and even has a water tower in his hometown proudly bearing his name. Stevens is unlikely to let all of his fame and success go to his cowboy-topped head, though, as he's transitioning into the entertainment industry with hard work and humility.

A dedicated father and husband, Stevens will continue to hone his craft and barrel down the road of country music as long as he keeps on staying true to himself. The 'I Got This' singer is doing just fine. Really, he's got it.

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