Tate Stevens' video for his big ballad 'Power of a Love Song' not only shows off the emotive and twangy voice that won the second season of 'X Factor' last December. It also captures the spirit of young love, which develops into a lifelong romance.

The clip traces every critical moment, from stolen kisses in a car on top of a deserted Lover's Lane to the wedding, to the first pregnancy, to the fights, to the anniversary dance to the grandkids... all things which comprise a relationship, and a healthy one at that.

Stevens is shown belting out the lyrics in a deserted room, where the furniture is covered by sheets, indicating that there's some history there. It fits the overarching theme of the video, as it is bookended by an image of a vinyl album spinning on a turntable -- it's as though time stops.

The clips are like a scrapbook come to life, and Stevens' 'Power of a Love Song' video is a moving one.

With his trusty and familiar uniform of a cowboy hat and jeans, Stevens doesn't factor directly into the plot, but it's necessary for him to be a part of the visuals, so that people who didn't not see him on reality TV make the connection between the person and the voice.

Stevens' debut album, 'Tate Stevens,' is out April 23.

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