In her epically grand music video for 'Blank Space,' Taylor Swift sings about love going down in flames underneath the shadow of an epically grand mansion. Now that mansion seems to have had some flaming problems of its own. The sprawling property was wrecked by a mysterious fire earlier this week.

The Winfield Mansion, built by the family who started the global chain of Woolworth's retail stores and used for the filming of Swift's 2014 'Blank Space' music video, was severely damaged by a fire that started on Jan. 28 and took 150 firefighters two-and-a-half hours to put out. Reports on how the blaze started are inconclusive, but according to the Independent, locals think it has something to do with the property being haunted.

The elaborate property was built in 1916 at Glen Cove on New York’s Long Island by Frank Winfield Woolworth, after his family's previous home was destroyed by ... you guessed it, a fire. And if that's not eerie enough, the house actually got its reputation for being haunted since the death of Woolworth's second daughter, whose spirit is thought to have stayed with the home after she committed suicide in 1917. How's that for creepy?

It looks like Swift singing about love "going down in flames" may have foreshadowed a literal blaze, and added one more haunting element to the history of the Winfield Mansion.

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