Oh, to be young and in love. After news that Taylor Swift has been gallivanting around with Conor Kennedy began surfacing last week, rumor mills are now spinning a buzz that perhaps country music's sweetheart thinks her current beau is 'the one.' Or at least, that's what unnamed sources have been telling People Magazine.

Swift, 22, was first spotted with the late Robert F. Kennedy's eldest grandson, Conor, 18, at the end of July, when the two took took a sailboat ride at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. Photos prove that Swift and Kennedy were doing fun and innocent date-like things in Cape Cod, including eating pizza, buying ice cream and jumping on a trampoline. But the two were also been spotted holding hands and cuddling close in the evening hours. If photos are worth a thousand words, we'll suffice it to say that the two young celebrities are having quite the summer romance!

Hollywood Life reports that onlookers saw the sweet country star and the handsome Kennedy heir lock lips in Cape Cod. “They hugged each other and she gave him a kiss on the lips. They’re really cute together,” a server at an ice cream parlor told People.

It's hard to say if this budding young romance will take off, but if Conor's grandmother Ethel Kennedy has anything to do with it, the 'Speak Now' hitmaker would join the family tomorrow. After news about her grandson's new love interest broke, Ethel dispelled rumors that she was the one who orchestrated the relationship between the two young lovebirds, but she did add one very telling sentence to her response when asked if Swift would soon join the family, insisting, "We should be so lucky."

Talk about an endorsement!

Still, although the 'Mean' songstress has the stamp of approval from Conor's grandmother, we're not convinced that she's dreaming of walking down the aisle in a white dress any time soon, though some think otherwise.

“Taylor is swept off her feet,” a source dished. “She thinks he is the one right now.”

We aren't going to hang out cowboy hats on the word of an anonymous source, but it does seem that Swift and Kennedy are having a rather intense summer fling, if not more. The question is, will it fizzle out as the temperatures turn cold, or will Swift spend more time with the iconic American family she idolizes?

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