There is a happy ending to this story! Last year, New Jersey teen Kevin McGuire, who was suffering from cancer and in need of a bone marrow transplant, asked Taylor Swift to prom via a Facebook campaign. Despite everyone's best efforts, things didn't work out as planned. Luckily for McGuire, he's getting a second chance in more ways than one!

Here's a refresher of the events: Swift had to decline the prom invite due to scheduling conflicts, but she did turn around and ask McGuire to be her date to the 2012 ACMs. He said yes, but had to bail last minute when he got really sick with a high fever, despite wearing a medical mask in the days before to prevent any illness ruining his chance to squire Swift to a major country awards show. It was a major bum out, and he had to watch from the couch, as he was deemed medically unable to travel.

Swift even thanked McGuire during her speech after winning Entertainer of the Year, which was equally bittersweet.

Fast forward to 2013 and McGuire was the recipient of a bone marrow transplant from his little brother and is in much better health. He is also attending this year's ACMs, which take place tomorrow, April 7.

An update on his Facebook page read as follows:

The president of the award show-Mr. Romeo-has been in touch with our family checking on Kevin since his transplant, and invited us a couple months ago! As soon as we land in Vegas we are meeting up with TAYLOR SWIFT!

It is great how this all worked out, it truly came full circle; Kevin is fully healthy this year and will be able to enjoy everything! Thank you for being apart of our journey!

McGuire's sister Tori even said that Swift played a part in her brother's recovery from afar. "She's a big part of the reason Kevin survived, too, because she just lifted his spirits so much," she said. "It's kind of like the big finale to this awful dream that we've had."

So McGuire got a second chance to meet Swift and at life! Amen to that.