Taylor Swift called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show Thursday in order to promote her new Wonderstruck fragrance and the new material she has been working on. However, the host asked her what her Halloween plans are, since the big day is rapidly approaching. So what (or who) is Taylor Swift going to dress up as? The 'Mean' singer revealed that she wants to dress up as one of the kids from 'Toddlers & Tiaras,' the TLC show about the child beauty pageant world.

Swift told Seacrest via phone, "Oh my gosh, I was thinking of blowing it off this year but I want to be a 'Toddler in Tiaras.' I kind of want to."

Unfortunately, despite the desire to dress up in a frilly dress topped off with a sparkly tiara, Swift probably won't dress up, given that her schedule is so insane with promotional efforts for the perfume and the final shows on the Speak Now tour. "I don't know where I am going to be in a week, so I will probably blow it off and watch 'Law & Order' all night," the singer joked. As we know, Swift really loves her crime procedurals!

She also said that the thought of dressing up in costume is daunting for her, since she pretty much does that nightly when performing. She said,"The idea of dressing up is awesome, but it feels like work, because I change clothes nine times during my show."

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