Taylor Swift may have returned to the recording studio last week following her rather public split from Harry Styles, but has a song penned for her former One Direction flame already leaked on the internet?

More than 86,000 fans have clamored to SoundCloud and YouTube to listen to 'I'm Alright,' but the track -- a vocal and lyrical spot-on impersonation of Swift -- is actually the work of a 15-year-old girl from Tokyo.

"I actually tried my very best to write it without saying a single bad thing about Harry Styles," the songwriter tweeted under the handle JerseyGreen13.

Adding to the charade, JerseyGreen13 adds, "I tried my best to make the lyrics and chords sound like Taylor Swift to make the foretell even more realistic."

And, it turns out, JerseyGreen13's vocal nuances are not the only thing she has in common with the country music superstar. A look at the wannabe star's profile pic reveals a young girl with somewhat of a resemblance to a version of Swift with dark hair, leading some to speculate whether the singer is fooling us all -- or if Green is just a really good clone.

Nevertheless, JerseyGreen13 has created an interesting story to paint a picture of Haylor's short-lived relationship. Have a listen for yourself!

Listen to 'I'm Alright,'