This was bound to happen. Taylor Swift may be on a professional high, cresting with the mega success of her best-selling 'Red' album, but her personal life nosedived when she and One Direction's Harry Styles split earlier this week. Well, any true (or even casual) Swift fans knows that the singer does her best work when her heart hurts, so it's off to the studio she went to likely distill some heartbreak into song.

Swift tweeted:

While we're not mind readers, that little "uh oh" at the end of her tweet certainly suggests that she is mining her personal life for source material -- and that usually doesn't bode so well for whomever is the object of songwriting ire. Just ask John Mayer.

This recent publicized breakup is bad news for Swift personally, but the fact that she is already in the studio despite being a mere few months into the release of 'Red' is great news for fans. She's inspired, she's creating and she's taking the situations of her life and turning them into art.

At least she has this form of catharsis when her romances don't go so well. Of course, this assumes that she hit the studio to help her heart mend, but it's no stretch to make that leap of faith -- especially with a songwriter of her caliber. We can't wait to hear the fruits of her labor. Watch out, Harry.