Looks like those rumors of Taylor Swift getting cozy with One Direction's Harry Styles might not be so far-fetched. The pop-country songstress and boyband star were spotted strolling together in New York City over the weekend.

Swift and Styles visited the Central Park Zoo on Sunday (Dec. 2). Although the two didn't hold hands or steal any kisses (at least in the public eye), they strolled side-by-side through the park for quite some time. And, like they say, body language tells all. Photos of the two young music sensations captured them smiling and leaning toward one another. It sure looks like a relationship could be budding!

Always one to play it cool, Swift wore jeans, a burgundy coat with a mustard yellow scarf and flat shoes. Styles also looked casual in a button-down shirt and hooded jacket with jeans.

Styles and Swift were chaperoned on their walk yesterday by the British singer's stylist and her family. According to PopCrush, a source said that the two popular stars “seemed happy to be together, talking and smiling…” Is there any reason why these two celebs wouldn't be smiling?

So far, nobody has confirmed that Swift and Styles officially are a couple. But a romantic stroll through New York City is definitely one way to start a relationship off on the right foot!