Taylor Swift has always been deeply grateful for her fans, but lately, she's gone above mentioning them in her acceptance speeches or liner notes. The worldwide superstar has been leaving surprise Instagram comments and likes for fans on their own personal photos.

That's right! Swift is personally giving fans their most 'liked' Instagram comment ever, surprising several with heartfelt comments, wise advice, empathy and funny messages. The 'Red' hitmaker has always been good with words -- with Grammy trophies to prove it.

With comments that evoke laughter (saying "I want dis" about a fan's picture of pizza), to telling an insecure fan, "You are so incredibly beautiful and I wish you knew it," Swift shows her sincere appreciation for her Swifties with this genuinely humble and loving gesture.

She has the power to make (or break) fans' days and she's definitely using her fame for really good causes, including this simple, yet very meaningful act. Scroll down to read more comments from Swift. Who knows, you could be next!