Taylor Swift is not one to hide her philanthropic heart or her concern for the well-being of children everywhere. The multi-Grammy award-winning 22-year-old has given generously of her time and money to work toward better early childhood education and to empower young children to have the resources to read. Now, there's an internet campaign going on to raise awareness of the horrors of militant Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony, and Swift is in full support.

Addressing the Twittersphere about the injustices revealed in a documentary called 'Kony 2012,' Swift tweeted today (March 7) in two separate tweets, "At the end of my life, I want to say that the world we've left behind is ... a place where children, no matter where they live, can have a childhood free from fear," followed by a link to the 30-minute video.

Created by the humanitarian organization Invisible Children, the documentary revisits the issue of child soldiers being abducted from their homes and forced to kill as a part of the Lord's Resistance Army, a militant guerilla rebel group wreaking havoc on Uganda. In an approachable, creative manner, the video sheds light on the unsettling truth of what's happening in that country, working to raise awareness of the injustice and move people toward action. The video already has millions of views from people all over the world.

Following the organization's challenge to make Kony famous, "not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice," Swift has joined with a number of celebrities to spread the word about this often overlooked issue. Others jumping into action are Martina McBride, Kristen Bell, Scotty McCreery, Ashley Judd, Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, Chris Brown, Christina Milian, Eliza Dushku and MC Hammer, among others.

Watch Invisible Children Documentary 'Kony 2012'