Late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon made a good drag queen (of sorts) in his spoof of 'The Voice,' where he poked fun at artists like Taylor Swift after the 2012 Super Bowl drew to a close. Essentially, Fallon spoofed A-list pop talent, imitating what it might be like if they tried out for the much coveted Super Bowl halftime show gig in front of 'The Voice' judges. It's a bit of a complicated concept, but Fallon made it work and generated plenty of laughs.

Fallon donned Swiftian ringlets and perfectly aped the cute, surprised, "I'm in shock and awe" look that she demonstrates every time she wins a major award at a music industry ceremony.

Cradling an acoustic guitar, Fallon parodied Swift's hit 'You Belong With Me,' twisting it to 'You Should Have Gone With Me.' Fallon, as Swift, apologized for her voice being a bit deeper than usual, blaming it on a cold. "She" then used the lyrics to take a few swipes at Madonna, who ultimately got the desired halftime gig, singing "She wears pointy bras / I wear glitter." Just brilliant, since it's subtle in pointing out the differences between the sexualized Madonna and the girl-next-door Swift.

Something tells us that even Swift herself had a chuckle at this parody!

Watch Jimmy Fallon Spoof Taylor Swift