Taylor Swift is one tough cookie as far as video director Joseph Kahn is concerned. In her "Out of the Woods" video, the superstar braves the elements — snow, ice, mud, water — but in actuality, she did just this on the video set.

"Out of the Woods" begins with Swift shown walking barefoot on a deserted beach in a beautiful blue dress before she enters the woods, where she's chased by wolves. As she escapes the animals tearing at her dress, she is seen on a snow-covered mountaintop, still barefoot. It's this dedication that impressed her director.

That isn't all, though. In another scene, Swift is found crawling in the mud, once again trying to escape the terrible creatures around her. This wasn't a quick scene, according to Kahn. In fact, Swift spent hours in the mud in an effort to get the perfect shot.

"Out of the Woods" is Swift's sixth single off of her latest album, 1989.

Kahn is the man behind Swift’s previous videos for “Blank Space,” “Wildest Dreams” and ”Bad Blood.” Before he began filming "Out of the Woods," he shared photos of himself scouting locations for the video on Instagram. "Landing on top of mountains no human been on before," he wrote.