We tried to keep our white elephant office Christmas gift exchange to under $10, but Taylor Swift went and pulled a Michael Scott ('The Office,' anyone?) and showed us all up with a super nice gift. It was "stolen" eight times before we finally decided to make her prize pack day No. 7 in the Taste of Country Nights 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. 

To win the 'Red' prize pack -- including a T-shirt, calendar, comforter and her new album -- be listening to Taste of Country Nights host Jeremy Robinson after 7PM ET tonight (Dec. 14). He'll let you know what to do to qualify -- nothing that will cause you to break a sweat, but you may want to keep your cellphone charged up.

Taste of Country Nights airs from 7PM to midnight, Monday through Friday, on over 40 radio stations nationwide. If there isn’t an affiliate in your area, you can listen online via any of the stations listed here. The prizes will continue to get bigger and better each weekday through the 12th day of giveaways on Dec. 21, so be sure to listen nightly for more chances to win.