Sick of Taylor Swift's uber-catchy and danceable 'Shake It Off' yet? We aren't either. So, we did a jump (or should we say plié) for joy when she released the second outtakes video -- and this time, it features ballerinas.

Swift's antics with the ballet dancers in the music video are laugh-out-loud hilarious. While the ballerinas gracefully move with the elegance of a swan, Swift dances to the beat of her own drum, going along with the message of the song.

"This is where we establish the beginning of the video where I'm not -- not -- fitting in," she explains. "One of these things is not like the other. We have these incredible ballerinas who can do anything with their bodies, and me who can do relatively nothing with mine. So it's unbelievable," she laughs. "It's been the most hilarious morning already."

The video also features a short interview with the ballerinas in the film, who showed Swift how to stretch and go through a typical warm-up. While they were pretty pumped to spend a day with the superstar, she, in turn, was equally glad to be in the presence of such incredibly fit and graceful women.

"I am so fascinated with ballerinas. You can tell when somebody has trained in ballet since they were a little kid. It's a different way they hold themselves, the way they carry themselves ... There's something so incredibly disciplined about them, and that's my favorite kind of dance to stomp my way through."

Fans will even see Swift wearing toe shoes, showing off her pointe work. This outtakes video is equally as fun as her first, which showed her hanging out with the cheerleaders and giving her take on fitting in.

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